Vision 2020

Incepted in 2013, the key objective of Dubai’s Tourism Vision for 2020 is to attract 20 million visitors per year by 2020- double the number welcomed in 2012.

Tourism is a central pillar of Dubai’s economic growth and diversification. The strategic application of the vision outlines multiple initiatives covering regulatory policy, infrastructure development, product offering enhancement, and destination marketing investments to effectively drive and serve this visitor growth. The idea is to position Dubai as the ‘first choice’ for the international leisure and business traveller.

The Tourism sector will be further leveraged by broadening Dubai’s offering across events, attractions, infrastructure, services, and packages.

Ghana Winners: George Amoah, Samuel Koranteng and Elizabeth Aku Yabah | Turkey Winners: Serhan Çökelek, Ali Fidanboy and Nursel Çökelek | Azerbaijan Winners: Yerlan Duissenbin, Eldar Kerimov and Susan Drummond | Global Leaderboard Top- 10 | 1 KORANTENG, Samuel 46 Points | T2 MIMIS, Benigno 45 | T2 KUSI-TIEKU, Joseph 45 | 4 AMOAH, George 43 | T5 ERYÜKSEL, SERHAN 42 | T5 DUISSENBIN, Yerlan 42 | T7 SARKYTBAYEV, Baurzhan 40 | T7 APAU-OPONG, chris 40 | T7 KERIMOV, Eldar 40 | T7 KOOMSON, Elizabeth 40 | T7 NEİDL, JURGEN 40 | T7 ÇÖKELEK, NURSEL 40 |