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I have been playing a lot and even arranged lessons with my professional. I thoroughly enjoyed the GEC Azerbaijan Open, it was a great weekend of golf.

Susan DrummondAzerbaijan

I practiced twice a week for two hours per day for six weeks and that help me a lot because I could fix my problem of pulling. The little time i had for practicing did me a great deal. Looking forward

Donald KhuseKaizer Chiefs FC, South Africa

A fun-filled event. Professionally organised and very competitive. I practice at the range(Blue Tree World of Golf) and I've been playing in a lot of corporate golf events.

Kate SenyeMD, Interfile Botswana

A good organisation on site. And it was a friendly tournament. Hats off for having different categories for the players as it gives the chance to all.

Christophe CallaouSports Concepts, Mauritius

We've been training everyday for the world final in Dubai

Prithvi MallaMalpi Institute, Nepal

Experience was great, reception and good networking took place amoung the players. Been practicing my short game a lot, that's where my challenge is.

Jacqueline Busi KubayiConsultant, Amawele Golf, South Africa

It was one of the major international Golf tournament in Azerbaijan and very well organized. Since beginning of I've been practicing with PGA Pro at Dreamland golf club in order to improve my game and tactics. Looking forward to play in Dubai.

Eldar KarimovAzerbaijan

It was wonderful, well organized.

George AmoahSenior Partner Lycaon Capital Partners, Ghana

I am very excited and looking forward to playing in the GEC Open - Dubai Corporate Golf World Cup 2017. It will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy golf in Dubai and to meet people from so many different countries.

Edward O'ReillySaudi Arabia

Trying to practice as much as I can. Very much looking forward to the final

Surendra Prasad PhuyalNepal