A Truly Global Experience!

With humble beg innings & humanity beg ins here!

With humble beginnings & humanity at its core, begins here!

The Global Enterprise Connect (GEC) Open journey began in Dubai in 2014, expanded to 6 countries in 2015, 8 countries in 2016 and this year, the event is on its way to the most beautiful courses in eastern hemisphere and touch the hearts of participants in 18 countries, 26 exclusive golf courses engaging over 2400+ c level executives from 800+ global organizations.

What makes the GEC Open stand out from other tournaments is the unique blend of sport, networking, humanity that has not only won the hearts of organizations across the globe, but also sends out a clear message that humanity will always be at the helm of what we do. ‘To give back to the society’— this simple yet profound thought kindled the passion to establish GEC Open as the ‘Magnum Opus’ of Global Enterprise Connect.

GEC Open 2017 is set to showcase on some unbeatable and unconventional turfs, the stakes have just got higher and so has the fervor amongst a global audience. The journey has only just begun…Join us as we build relationships for life!