Swing Local — Connect Global !

Business is beautiful when it’s a vehicle for serving the common good. At GEC, we are committed to creating an economic networking platform that will forge not only local, but cross-border relationships with the underlining theme of ‘giving back to society’- An initiative that would replace corporate globalisation with a global network of local living economies.

We are all a part of a corporate puzzle, connecting pieces throughout the journey and getting one step closer to realizing the bigger picture each time. Like a puzzle, opportunities come in different shapes and colours, but in the end everything fits & connects. So let’s keep moving, keep connecting & together we will be part of the biggest humane corporate network in the world, not only expanding our business but also giving back to society.

The GEC Open is becoming the fastest growing golfing platform of our time, where passion meets profession and profession meets people! This year, GEC Open is growing bigger with tournaments in over 18 countries including 26 of world’s best golf courses to connect more than 2400+ leaders in our ecosystem. Join us for a world class, luxurious golfing journey and experience what it feels like to be a pro on tour!

See you on the greens!!


Tushar Sahoo
Managing Director and Founder
GEC Media Group | GEC Open

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