GhanaYear (2020) 07th & 14th September Event Type :GEC 2019


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The Achimota Golf Club is situated in a pleasant wooded country, some ten Kilometers north of Accra in the grounds of Achimota School. Golf was played in Accra on about than five nine hole courses from the early part of the century. While the Achimota course was relatively a late comer, it is the only one which has survived the building development which has changed Accra over some decades, from a sleepy centre of colonial Administration to the present busting commercial metropolis. The Gold Coast established Achimota School in 1927 as the Prince of Wales College and it happened that several of the early teaching staff of the school including the Principal had Scottish origins. They immediately lent strength to the Accra golfing community. However, the journey to the Accra courses took up valuable travelling time which could otherwise have been devoted to the Royal Ancient Game of Golf.


Year (2020)